Institutional Purchases



An institutional purchase consists of any merchandise being paid for by the University via Purchase Order or Procard.  If you are a qualifying student, faculty, or staff member purchasing for personal use, please visit our Educational Store instead.



Getting a Quote

Already have a quote?  See Placing Your Order.
Is this an Aggiebuy purchase?  See Aggiebuy Purchase Orders.
Are you trying to buy Software or Apps tax free?  See EDU Software Purchases.


To create a quote you must visit:  Apple Educational Store (Ecommerce).

If you do not have an Ecommerce ID, download the instructions here
or you may email us with the subject line "Ecommerce Registration."



Once you have successfully logged in, you can browse the store and add items to the cart. 


Once you are finished, click Cart in the upper right corner.

send proposal.jpg

On the bottom right of the view cart page you are given the option to Send Proposal (Send Proposal is a small link beneath checkout).

*Please remember if you Checkout directly through Ecommerce the order goes directly through Apple and does not qualify for HUB credit. 


On the Send Proposal screen please remember to use as the Purchaser's email. Multiple email address may be entered on the 'Send Copy of Proposal To' line as long as they are separated by commas.


If you need a quote for items that are not available through the Ecommerce store, please email the item's description (manufacturer, part number, description, and, if applicable, color) to us at


Placing Your Order

Once you have obtained a quote, you can place your order using the following methods:


Departmental Purchase Orders



Email the Purchase Order (PO) and Quote to  

Please remember Purchase Orders must contain:

  • Billing and Shipping address

  • Contact name

  • Phone number

  • Email

  • Signature by an Authorized Purchaser

Your order will then be processed and delivered to the address on the PO.

University Purchase Orders



Send a copy of the Ecommerce Proposal to TAMU Purchasing.  They will handle the procurement process.

Aggiebuy Purchase Orders



To access the Aggiebuy system, login through the TAMU System Single Sign On website.

From the SSO Menu select the AggieBuy link.  The link directs you to the Marketplace where you’ll see the MacResource punchout catalog icon. The punchout catalog can be used to generate quotes. If you have a quote generated by Ecommerce or MacResource and need to use Aggiebuy, you must enter it into the Aggiebuy system as a non-catalog order.  For questions regarding the process of creating an Aggiebuy Purchase Order please email the Financial Management Operations Office at

ProCard Orders

Please email your Purchase Order and Quote to, indicate that it is a Procard purchase, and include the contact information for the Procard holder.  If it is more convenient, you are welcome to call or visit us in-store to set up your Procard purchase. Procard orders will not be processed until the card has been charged.


Software or App Purchases

To order Software or Apps distributed by Apple:
(Tax Free for EDU Institutions)





Please include your email address on PO's. For software include the email of the end user.


For more information on ordering software, visit Apple's Education Software Licensing website.


If you have any questions please call 979-314-0535 or email